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We are SO much happier working together thanks to Jared, not to mention more productive and more profitable. I don’t know what we ever did without him.

– John Van Dinther, Principal, Two Hats Consulting

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Extend your impact by understanding your markets, focusing your offerings, and positioning wisely.

“Jared identified the supporters, communities, and co-producers we needed to grow a movement, and he helped us connect with them, to everyone’s benefit. He lights people up!”

Jared Smith, Founder, Villagecraft
Case Study: Villagecraft



Achieve operational excellence with human-centered systems and data-driven decision making.

“When we were bursting at the seams, Jared made it all manageable. He optimized our processes, mapped and planned our capacity, and nearly doubled our project profitability.”

John Van Dinther, Principal, Two Hats Consulting
Case Study: Two Hats Consulting



Build relationships and recognition with a clear message, unified across media and interactions.

“Jared had an intuitive sense of my message and the audiences I am trying to reach and helped me develop a complete communications strategy. His work will be providing me value for years to come.”

David Jaffe, author of Changing the World from the Inside Out
Case Study: Sacramento Housing Alliance


Jared Wood believes in systemic transformation through sharing economies, equitable systems, and democratic workplaces. He works with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and organizations to develop opportunities for right livelihood that affirm the marvelous beauty of life. In 2012, Jared co-founded Villagecraft, a community education platform. He is a co-host of True Story: East Bay, a monthly storytelling event, founder of a men’s circle, and an insatiable autodidact.


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