Project Description

The Opportunity:
Two Hats is a high-touch creative agency for whom almost every project is a unicorn, unique and unpredictable. In a competitive industry where businesses can be unprofitable for years and workers face challenging conditions, how could Two Hats optimize its productivity, clarify its offerings, and maintain stellar client experiences, while improving its employees’ quality of life?

The Results:
Performing ongoing profit and loss analyses clarified the company’s financial status and direction, with process mapping to establish key scheduling and accountability checkpoints, and continuously improve project profitability. We developed companywide digital systems that increased worker productivity 48% in revenue per hour worked, empowering Two Hats to accommodate 36% growth in gross revenue in 2018 and then another 45% in 2019 while reducing total team hours by 8% in 2019 and increasing employees’ wages and time off.


Business Consulting

Operations Consulting

Content Development

Project Management